About Algostrata

AlgoStrata builds api services for the financial industry

  • Portfolio construction
  • Risk analyzer
  • Signal analyzer
  • Investement strategy testing
  • Porfolio cost breakdown
  • Reporting tools

The vision behind Algostrata


We believe that research results should be made easily available to use in practice. We invite students, researchers and investment specialists to co-create AlgoStrata with us. In parallel, we will start an open source project with a library of methods in asset allocation.

User friendly

We believe investment is relevant for everyone. So by striving to have maximum ease of use, we would like to invite as many people as possible to use AlgoStrata, make their own investment strategies, or test existing ones.


We believe that a close collaboration between academia and industry generates innovation and offers the society at large great value. By creating AlgoStrata we aim at bridging the gap between investment researchers and fund managers or investment specialists.